Sunday, March 29, 2009


I'm thinking about making this blog primarily about something that I enjoy a lot. I actually enjoy the process of a sales pursuit. See, I'm a sales guy for an interactive agency and I take my job very seriously. Lots of guys/gals in sales that I've run across are not that "into" selling like I am. However, some that I run with are also into thinking about the details, the finer points of a pursuit.

While I've not been in business development long (3 years) I had what I think to be a good start at a larger agency under a couple of execs at that company. I learned how to qualify an RFP. I was told what types of questions to ask in the initial interactions with the prospect. Qualification, needs identification, solutions selling in a complex environment and closing techniques. All are very interesting to me.

Some of the books I like are "Let's Get Real Or Let's Not Play", "The Sales Bible", "Selling To Big Companies" and "Hope Is Not A Strategy".

I'll get into some thoughts on these in this blog as well as mixing in some other topics of interest to me.

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