Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009. Hello 2010!

Been awhile since I've posted...but then again...not a big deal. Feeling pretty "reflective" today as most people are at the end of a year. 2009 was an interesting year. It's hard for me to NOT focus just on my job change in 2009. Many good things happened this year, including a job change, but many other good things happened for my family.

I hope that 2010 brings you prosperity and happiness and it surely will for me and my family.

Check out sometime for political news and opinions.


Friday, November 20, 2009

Sgt. Grit -

This is a recent post from a customer of Sgt. Grit's in his email newsletter today:

Old CorpsGrit, I travel a lot for work and I am truly amazed at the young Marines, I meet in airports, all over our wonderful country. They have the same pride, same "swagger", same confidence, that we had when we were in the Corps. I have talked with some of them and say I'm one of the "Old Corps", they respond, no Sir, you are a Marine, just a time change. I laugh at that.

We talk about boot camp and the differences in the USMC from the 1960's to 2009 and it is amazing to me that the Corps has not changed. Boot camp is longer now, we had 56 days and they have 12 weeks. They are anxious to hear how the Corps was in the 60's and most of the laughs we have is to see that not much has changed. They do not have JOB inspections now. When I mention the JOB, Junk on the Bunk, they look at me like I am telling them about the "Holy Grail". I laugh and say, that was a tradition that I am glad has ended. It is still the USMC and these young men and women are carrying on the tradition that was started, Nov 10, 1775.

I try to speak to as many as I can, and I ask myself, was I ever that young, and slim ?

Time has passed and most of us are not in our Boot camp shape, but we are Marines and we need to thank the young ones who are carrying on the tradition of our beloved Corps.

Eddie Leach
SSGT of Marines
1966-1969 and 1974-1980.
Platoon 2023

Friday, September 25, 2009

New List - Political Love/Hate

I'm going to attempt to put online a running list of political figures, as well as news and media personas, that I like and don't like. Let's see how this goes........

Thumbs Up:

Sean Hannity
Glenn Beck
Neal Boortz
George W. Bush (any Bush for that matter)
Sarah Palin
John McCain
Ann Coulter

Thumbs Down:

That Ringo Starr looking Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Nancy Pelosi
The U.N.
Hugo Chavez
Jay Leno
Bill Maher

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Technology Association of Georgia Blog

Tag Blog - The Technology Association of Georgia has a great blog and a recent posting on the increase of tech jobs in Georgia as of late. Check it out. Scott

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Using Twitter for B2B

I recently attended the LIFT Summit in Atlanta and heard a lot of good speakers from the social arena. One of the things I took from this meeting was a better understanding of the uses of Twitter for B2B companies. Some of the better uses of Twitter for B2B are:

Recruitment: Use of Twitter for recruitment is a definite possibility for corporate employers. Both in prospecting and in research of candidates' activities online.

Customer Service: Communicate with your followers/customers about things like service outages, updates, new offerings and assorted customer service issues.

Partnerships: Find potential partners for your business on Twitter. Oftentimes they are Tweeting about complimentary, non-competitive services and products they offer and the best thing about this is that, if they target the same market that you do, then potential partnerships can be on the table by reaching out to them.

Marketing: Getting your brand out there to be seen is of vital importance and Twitter is one more way to do so. Make sure your messages are valuable to your followers, not just "cool" to you as the marketer.

Monitoring: Being able to keep an ear to the streets on what your clients are saying about you is very valuable if you monitor this activity closely. You don't have to have a Twitter account to find out what's being said about your company.

Contact me: or 404.395.0597 if you want to explore the uses of Twitter for your B2B company. Scott

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tough to focus when it's so nice outside......

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lake Mesomikenda. Gogama, Ontario

In early August of 2009 I went for 7 days to Lake Mesomikenda in Gogama, Ontario. We caught northern pike, walleye and smallmouth. It was a great trip that I would recommend for any avid fisherman that's looking to catch a large number of fish.

We stayed at a friend's family's island on Lake Mesomikenda, up the river from the lodge and down the river from the Kenda Wilderness lodge.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Guys in my network

Some people in my network have great companies that are worth considering if you need their services and you want to work with somebody that I stand behind both professionally and personally:

Jeff Tuggle owns IQ Intelliquest - - Graphics and printing company in Atlanta that has a HUGE amount of experience. Great guys and terrific service!

Sanders McConnell - - Tie your debit/credit card to his servcie (it's free!) to help fund your health savings account when you make purchases. Purchases made through the enormous vendor mall on his site get you even more points on your account!

Chris Clarke - - screening and sizing media for pharma, bio, chemical and screen-printing equipment. Chris is a great guy that will work with you to understand your business needs and find the right solution.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What are your employees saying about you?

Business owners, managers, bosses. Just a quick observation.

Last night I was at a local business that I love. Great customer service. Friendly people. Clean environment. They go the extra mile to take care of you even though you are not spending a LOT of money with them. I asked one of the guys working there, "These people pretty good to work for?" His response was, without even turning to look at me, "No. Terrible place to work. Boss is a jerk. He just fakes being friendly with the customers but he's terrible to all of us. We're afraid of him and need the job so we fake smile at all of you (customers) too. You didn't here that from me."

Wow. What are your employees saying about your company when you are not around? I'm in the business of telling people how great my company is, as a matter of fact. I'm in sales. I don't always feel like my boss is great or the pay is great or that everything is where it should be. But....I don't slam my boss in front of customers. To me it's just not right. But, for somebody to do that, when they have really nothing to gain, only the potential of losing their job, that's pretty discouraging.

I wonder what your employees are saying about your company. Oh sure, there will always be "those ones" that have bad stuff to say regardless of how you treat them. However, keep in mind that impression your employees give of you with customers is very, very important to your business. I lost some respect for my "local favorite place" last night.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Stay Positive Even In A Bad Economy

I started doing some searches online for ways to stay positive in this economic down-turn. It's tough, admittedly. I have so much to be grateful for yet I obsess on how to do better at work and worry constantly about losing my job. My faith has helped but it's tough even on a good day to stay positive. Here are some articles that I have found and enjoy:

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Green Is The New Black

Seems that everyone these days is using the word "green" in their marketing. Being a corporate marketer I see it a lot and wanted to share my thoughts on the topic.

Being green is certainly fashionable these days for companies selling everything from mattresses to cars. From consumer products to professional services we are seeing eco-friendly messages creep up in marketing communications, product descriptions and taglines. Don't misunderstand me for a minute, I have a strong belief that reduction of waste, reuse of our resources and improvements in manufacturing processes are all great. What I have a problem with is that sometimes the message is a bit over the top with regards to just how much the environment has been positively impacted by the marketer. Take a closer look and don't assume that the marketer is representing their practices accurately. That's all I'm saying.

Green Careers, or "Green Collar Jobs", are also fast becoming a hot topic. I attended the 4th CareerEco event yesterday where this topic was approached by local experts Ira Blumenthal and Laura Turner Sydel. ( What a great event this was! Ira is the President of the Captain Planet Foundation and Mrs. Sydel is an Atlanta icon both as the daughter of famed local business mogul Ted Turner and in her own way having led so many good causes. Some of the points I took from the discussion were:

1. Look for ways in corporate America to reduce, reuse and recycle. Don't just settle for the status-quo.

2. Make your own position. Oftentimes we look for job positions that say what we are in the description. You can be an Ambassador of the Environment and make your own position. I will speak more to this in future articles.

3. We need leaders in the eco-world. There are no REALLY well defined leaders championing the eco-cause in America and there's room for you to be the one!

4. Teach your kids about the envirnonmental practices that have a positive impact now and they will be our future green leaders. "Bend a sapling while it's young" to make a difference.

My family and I are doing more everyday to recycle, reuse resources and respect our planet. My company is doing it's part as well with increasing enthusiasm. I would challenge you to find out what you can do, get your education and find new ways to do your part. I am here for dialogue and hope to hear from you soon!

Monday, June 15, 2009

My new favorite golf course

Went golfing last Friday morning at The Oaks in Covington, Georgia. Great golf course. Nice people (Met Andy and Dick). If you are in the area try them out.

Dick Shulz, one of the owners there, is a great guy with lots of interest in accomodating both small groups as well as tournaments looking for a new venue. Give them a try!

Friday, June 12, 2009

More Kudos and Boos....

Kudos to Chic-fil-A. Love that place. Good food, good service and they will take any coupon, no matter how old, anytime. They are awesome!

Kudos to Cowan Ace Hardware in Conyers Georgia. Nice people and very helpful. Excellent customer service! Kudos!

Kudos to The Oaks golf course in Covington, Ga. Great golf course, friendly people and they go above and beyond to make sure you enjoy your visit.

Booooooo - Nah...I'm in such a good mood I can't think of anyone to "boo" tonight. Surely tomorrow brings a new day of resentments that need harboring. ha

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Solar Velocity is still in action!

Solar Velocity (the company I do sales for in Atlanta) is still clicking with another year of being named to the Atlanta Business Chronicle's Top 25 Largest Marketing Services Agencies. Congratulations to Solar Velocity.

At Solar Velocity, our first priority is to understand your company’s unique attributes and goals. Our identity analysis processes were honed and sharpened over the course of 10 years and 700 solutions-oriented for our clients. Though a series of strategy meetings, we learn your brand inside and out, ascertain your specific objectives for the website, and design a personalized marketing strategy that combines innovative creative materials and smart technology.

While we get to know your company, we also take steps to ensure that our own work is transparent. From the Design Team’s first design concepts of your homepage to our analysts’ ongoing examination of the traffic to your website, we take the time to explain the entire process and to help you understand both the creative and technical aspects of what we do. Our commitment to mutual learning and total collaboration are what set us apart from our competitors. When we begin designing your website, we are truly operating as an extension of your company and its vision.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

10 Tips for Job Seekers

Having had the experience last year (2008) where my employer went out of business unexpectedly I know what it's like to be in this economy without a job. As a matter of fact, I had a pregnant wife and three little kids at the time. While it wasn't my fault, it had a real impact on me both personally and professionally. It also changed me spiritually, emotionally and probably physically as I went through quite a bit of stress over the incident. Here are some thoughts I've put together to help others in "career transition" in 2009.

1. File for unemployment - Do it. You will need the money and you've paid your taxes for years so take advantage of it.
2. Get into action – Leave the results up to God or whoever you pray to.
3. You don’t know where it will come from - You might think that your next job will come from source xyz, but my experience (having been on the job market more than once over the years) is that the next job lead will come from perhaps an unlikely source. Stay alert and open-minded.
4. God hasn't forgotten you even in your tough times. He's got your back.
5. Mind your manners – Send Thank You cards, help others with their obstacles, etc. Trust me on this one, you never know who you help up today that will help you tomorrow.
6. Keep in mind that Plan A might not work. Plan E or Plan M may be your Plan A someday too soon.....
7. It could always be worse. It could always be worse, my friend. Keep perspective and remember that this too shall pass.
8. Be realistic - You can't afford everything you could 6 months ago. You will have to adjust your lifestyle during this time. Also, be realistic in the fact that you can't be super picky about what job you take in this economy.....sorry, had to say it at least once in this post.
9. Balance - you still need to eat, sleep, spend time with your family, etc. You have to keep some sort of balance though it will be difficult. Finding a job is a full-time job, yes. But...remember you need to stay in good health and "sharpen the saw" on a regular basis.
10. Journal and talk to people - Something that helped me was for me to write my thoughts down and to bounce my thoughts off of other people to see how they sounded coming out of my mouth. Normally I can think something that makes sense to me in my head but when I say it or write it I can see that it's off......sometimes really off! ha

Hang in there and remember that better times are on the horizon. Stay in action and reach out to everyone with a smile and a handshake. Email me if I can help you.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

And the beat goes on.....

I'm seeing two things today:

1. Just found out that yet another friend/networking buddy was laid off from Sterling Commerce in Atlanta. I hate it. Hate it. Hate it. Unfortunately I still see layoffs today but at a slower rate than two months ago.

2. I'm seeing small signs of hope in the economy. Leads are picking up and buyers are starting to stick their heads out of their holes. Let's keep it going......

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

20,000 people show up for Georgia TEA Party

Not bad. I'm watching the TEA Party in Atlanta from the quiet suburbs. Good to see anyone show up to speak their mind. Though I'm on the conservative side of the fence I fought for this country in the Marines Corps and for our right to speak our mind. Good for anyone that takes the time to get out and participate in our great country's right to free speech.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Interactive Marketing Internship Available

If you know of anyone, or if you are, looking for an internship my company has an open slot. We need somebody that wants to learn the business of interactive marketing and web technologies. It is very common for my company,, to hire full-time employees from the intern ranks. Very common.

Send me an email at work if you are interested:

Thanks! Scott

ECommerce Payment Gateways

It looks like (from my recent experience) the defacto-standard in online credit card transaction processing,, has gotten too big for their britches. They used to be the only way to go for web developers like me to connect websites to merchant accounts. Now....their developer support has been outsourced, your request is put in a ticket queue and you're just a number to them.

It's okay, I understand. Companies grow and need to be scalable. But the same personalized service I liked about is now what I like about their competitor. : )

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cigars - April 09

I'm a bit of a cigar enthusiast. I wanted to post a few recent ones I've enjoyed to get your take on them.

Ghurka Titan
Drew Estate - Tabak
Drew Estate - Chateu Real
Any Hoyo de Monterrey
Punch - I like all of them

Shout back on which ones you like.

If you are on LinkedIn, look me up at: I am a member of a few cigar groups with some good lists going of favorites.

Monday, April 6, 2009

April Is Here

April is here. It's my favorite month.

* Spring
* Easter
* Birthdays (my wife's, my grandma's, mine, my niece)
* Fishing season!

I'm hoping that some sunshine and new energy will help rejuvenate our minds, our spirits and ....... dare I hope.....our economy.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


I'm thinking about making this blog primarily about something that I enjoy a lot. I actually enjoy the process of a sales pursuit. See, I'm a sales guy for an interactive agency and I take my job very seriously. Lots of guys/gals in sales that I've run across are not that "into" selling like I am. However, some that I run with are also into thinking about the details, the finer points of a pursuit.

While I've not been in business development long (3 years) I had what I think to be a good start at a larger agency under a couple of execs at that company. I learned how to qualify an RFP. I was told what types of questions to ask in the initial interactions with the prospect. Qualification, needs identification, solutions selling in a complex environment and closing techniques. All are very interesting to me.

Some of the books I like are "Let's Get Real Or Let's Not Play", "The Sales Bible", "Selling To Big Companies" and "Hope Is Not A Strategy".

I'll get into some thoughts on these in this blog as well as mixing in some other topics of interest to me.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Good List - Bad List

I'm just looking to vent. And praise. Here are some of the businesses that I am disappointed in and here are some I love.

I'm disappointed in:
- Conyers Nissan (terrible customer relations, quit biting the hands that are feeding you guys)
- RaceTrac Petroleum - gas stations

I love:
+ Chick Fil A (what a wonderful company from front to back)
+ All Air - Great company with terrific service and integrity -
+ - Sanders and Rob (founders) are on to something big here. Check them out.
+ - Moose (the owner) and his wife are wonderful people that run a terrific business in Conyers, Ga.

So here is my beef. (with some companies) When you are snotty, rude, demeaning and discourteous to sales people, vendors, employment candidates and, in any instance, customers you are really hurting your business. That job candidate you are demeaning to is a person that can put out some bad press about your company in your community. Think about it. That vendor that you treat like garbage, he knows a lot of your clients and prospects and can have a real impact on your business. Here is an example:

RaceTrac Petroleum is a successful chain of gasoline retail convenience stores. But it's common knowledge in Atlanta amongst vendors and job candidates that they are a huge waste of time to try to do business with or to try to get a job at their corporate offices. They meet with you....they bring you in 5 times to talk to 20 people.....they ask for a long list of "things" from you.....then.....they never call you again. Job seekers. Vendors. All of them. They constantly put out RFP's and never choose a vendor. They interview dozens of people all of the time and never follow up to even show the courtesy of letting the job candidate know if they got the job or not. I've dealt with them on both accounts. I haven't bought gas from them, as a result of their poor business practices, in over 6 years now. I tell everyone I know not to buy from them. Pitiful.

Chick Fil A, on the other hand, I will go out of my way to patronize because they are polite, courteous and ethical from top to bottom. Front to back. Very nice and very professional both in their corporate offices and in their stores. Love them.

If you want to be on my list. (either one) ha Let me know at

Renewable Energy and All Things Green

I'm doing a lot of research right now in renewable energy. Looking of companies that provide products and services around ways to reuse energy, create new energy and reduce the amount of energy consumed. If you know of anyone that I could talk to please let me know!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Positive Attitude Creeps In...

I actually got up and went running this morning. No, not to the store to get some Little Debbies, but to actually wake up, start my day right and to try to reduce the Swiss Cake Roll I have developing above my belt.

I'm trying to keep a positive attitude in this economy. It's tough. I see people unemployed in my network almost daily. It's scary. I'm grateful for my job and hope to keep it for awhile......hope to..... Actually the company I work for is a good one ( and the owners are nice guys. I appreciate the opportunity they've given me. I work day and night to try to be successful for them and for me and for the rest of the company.

How are you keeping a positive attitude in this economy? What do you do? How are you faring?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My first personal blog post on Blogger.

I'm going to try blogging to a blog other than my company's blog. This way...maybe....I can say what is more-so on my mind than what I can/should say on a blog for my company. Gotta watch it on a business blog.

That's it. Nothing to complain about. Yet. Give it 4 or 5 minutes.