Sunday, March 29, 2009


I'm thinking about making this blog primarily about something that I enjoy a lot. I actually enjoy the process of a sales pursuit. See, I'm a sales guy for an interactive agency and I take my job very seriously. Lots of guys/gals in sales that I've run across are not that "into" selling like I am. However, some that I run with are also into thinking about the details, the finer points of a pursuit.

While I've not been in business development long (3 years) I had what I think to be a good start at a larger agency under a couple of execs at that company. I learned how to qualify an RFP. I was told what types of questions to ask in the initial interactions with the prospect. Qualification, needs identification, solutions selling in a complex environment and closing techniques. All are very interesting to me.

Some of the books I like are "Let's Get Real Or Let's Not Play", "The Sales Bible", "Selling To Big Companies" and "Hope Is Not A Strategy".

I'll get into some thoughts on these in this blog as well as mixing in some other topics of interest to me.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Good List - Bad List

I'm just looking to vent. And praise. Here are some of the businesses that I am disappointed in and here are some I love.

I'm disappointed in:
- Conyers Nissan (terrible customer relations, quit biting the hands that are feeding you guys)
- RaceTrac Petroleum - gas stations

I love:
+ Chick Fil A (what a wonderful company from front to back)
+ All Air - Great company with terrific service and integrity -
+ - Sanders and Rob (founders) are on to something big here. Check them out.
+ - Moose (the owner) and his wife are wonderful people that run a terrific business in Conyers, Ga.

So here is my beef. (with some companies) When you are snotty, rude, demeaning and discourteous to sales people, vendors, employment candidates and, in any instance, customers you are really hurting your business. That job candidate you are demeaning to is a person that can put out some bad press about your company in your community. Think about it. That vendor that you treat like garbage, he knows a lot of your clients and prospects and can have a real impact on your business. Here is an example:

RaceTrac Petroleum is a successful chain of gasoline retail convenience stores. But it's common knowledge in Atlanta amongst vendors and job candidates that they are a huge waste of time to try to do business with or to try to get a job at their corporate offices. They meet with you....they bring you in 5 times to talk to 20 people.....they ask for a long list of "things" from you.....then.....they never call you again. Job seekers. Vendors. All of them. They constantly put out RFP's and never choose a vendor. They interview dozens of people all of the time and never follow up to even show the courtesy of letting the job candidate know if they got the job or not. I've dealt with them on both accounts. I haven't bought gas from them, as a result of their poor business practices, in over 6 years now. I tell everyone I know not to buy from them. Pitiful.

Chick Fil A, on the other hand, I will go out of my way to patronize because they are polite, courteous and ethical from top to bottom. Front to back. Very nice and very professional both in their corporate offices and in their stores. Love them.

If you want to be on my list. (either one) ha Let me know at

Renewable Energy and All Things Green

I'm doing a lot of research right now in renewable energy. Looking of companies that provide products and services around ways to reuse energy, create new energy and reduce the amount of energy consumed. If you know of anyone that I could talk to please let me know!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Positive Attitude Creeps In...

I actually got up and went running this morning. No, not to the store to get some Little Debbies, but to actually wake up, start my day right and to try to reduce the Swiss Cake Roll I have developing above my belt.

I'm trying to keep a positive attitude in this economy. It's tough. I see people unemployed in my network almost daily. It's scary. I'm grateful for my job and hope to keep it for awhile......hope to..... Actually the company I work for is a good one ( and the owners are nice guys. I appreciate the opportunity they've given me. I work day and night to try to be successful for them and for me and for the rest of the company.

How are you keeping a positive attitude in this economy? What do you do? How are you faring?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My first personal blog post on Blogger.

I'm going to try blogging to a blog other than my company's blog. This way...maybe....I can say what is more-so on my mind than what I can/should say on a blog for my company. Gotta watch it on a business blog.

That's it. Nothing to complain about. Yet. Give it 4 or 5 minutes.