Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Why My Boss Is Better Than Your Boss

I was planning on calling this post, "Why I Have The Best Boss In The World" but thought I would get a little more sassy. Ha

So, two months into a job with a company that I've been wanting to go back to work for for years and I'm really loving my new supervisor. Here's why:

1. I trust her - She does what she says she'll do. She is honest with me and appreciates honesty on my part. Relationships with a supervisor are largely built, or destroyed, based on trust.

2. I appreciate her - She helps me find solutions to problems and she sticks up for me if I need her to. Granted, I've not had to call on her to "fix anything" yet but she's on the ready in case I need her to. In fact, I have said to her, several times, "Nope, I'm not asking you to do anything about xyz, just know what's happening." She's ready to remove obstacles to my success, should I need her to. That...I appreciate.

3. I like her - My boss is nice, pleasant and enjoyable to be around. She is genuinely kind and she is a good person. Yes, she gives me things. She gives all of us in the department "stuff" like rewards and bonuses but that's not the main reason why I like her. Doesn't hurt......HA...but not the main reason.

So, I don't know about your boss. Maybe yours is as good, or better, than mine. Maybe not. Ask yourself, if you are a leader, how you can build trust and appreciation and good working rapport with your team. It's serving my supervisor well!

Friday, December 16, 2011

5 Things I'll Never Do Again In My Career

1. Work in sales. I'll never work in sales again. This one negates the need for about 10 other things I will never do again like "Sell To The Government" and "Cold Call". This was originally going to be "1,00 Things I'll Never Do Again In My Career" but with this one being #1 I can keep this list down to 5. : )

2. Misrepresent what I'm able to do and what I am interested in doing during a job interview. Friend of mine that is an older gentleman said to me recently, "Scott, I'm too old to lie. I just tell it like it is." I really appreciate that. I'm just getting too old to lie. It's not the lie that kills me it's the rest of the junk that comes after that with trying to live that lie. In my career this is especially true. I can do what I can do and I am interested in doing what I am able to do. Nothing more.

3. Put my career before my family. Jobs come and go but I only have one shot at enjoying my family, raising my children and walking through my life with my dear wife. Whatever I'm doing at work will still be there in the morning....I'm going home to have dinner with my family and to play with my kids before bedtime.

4. Work for a small company because they tell me, "Oh we're serious about growing our company by leaps and bounds. We're expanding and you can be a part of the success!" Whatever.

5. Stay at a company too long. When the wheels are falling off they're falling off. Jump. I'm all about being faithful, since my mantra is Semper Fidelis - Always Faithful. But to my wife, not to a company where they're having trouble making payroll. Not my problem if it's not my company.

I reserve the right to add to this list. : ) I'm making mistakes all the time. Surely I'll make more.......daily.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Ah.....that feels better.

It's been 12 years but I'm glad to be back at Turner Broadcasting. Solid company. Great culture. Killer properties to work on. Don't have to worry if the company will make payroll this month.

Currently working at the Project Manager on and assorted other projects throughout the Turner-sphere. I have a great boss, friendly (and smart!) co-workers and it's good to be back at the CNN Center!

Merry Christmas and let me know if I can be of any assistance to you professionally or personally my friends.