Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Green Is The New Black

Seems that everyone these days is using the word "green" in their marketing. Being a corporate marketer I see it a lot and wanted to share my thoughts on the topic.

Being green is certainly fashionable these days for companies selling everything from mattresses to cars. From consumer products to professional services we are seeing eco-friendly messages creep up in marketing communications, product descriptions and taglines. Don't misunderstand me for a minute, I have a strong belief that reduction of waste, reuse of our resources and improvements in manufacturing processes are all great. What I have a problem with is that sometimes the message is a bit over the top with regards to just how much the environment has been positively impacted by the marketer. Take a closer look and don't assume that the marketer is representing their practices accurately. That's all I'm saying.

Green Careers, or "Green Collar Jobs", are also fast becoming a hot topic. I attended the 4th CareerEco event yesterday where this topic was approached by local experts Ira Blumenthal and Laura Turner Sydel. ( What a great event this was! Ira is the President of the Captain Planet Foundation and Mrs. Sydel is an Atlanta icon both as the daughter of famed local business mogul Ted Turner and in her own way having led so many good causes. Some of the points I took from the discussion were:

1. Look for ways in corporate America to reduce, reuse and recycle. Don't just settle for the status-quo.

2. Make your own position. Oftentimes we look for job positions that say what we are in the description. You can be an Ambassador of the Environment and make your own position. I will speak more to this in future articles.

3. We need leaders in the eco-world. There are no REALLY well defined leaders championing the eco-cause in America and there's room for you to be the one!

4. Teach your kids about the envirnonmental practices that have a positive impact now and they will be our future green leaders. "Bend a sapling while it's young" to make a difference.

My family and I are doing more everyday to recycle, reuse resources and respect our planet. My company is doing it's part as well with increasing enthusiasm. I would challenge you to find out what you can do, get your education and find new ways to do your part. I am here for dialogue and hope to hear from you soon!

Monday, June 15, 2009

My new favorite golf course

Went golfing last Friday morning at The Oaks in Covington, Georgia. Great golf course. Nice people (Met Andy and Dick). If you are in the area try them out.

Dick Shulz, one of the owners there, is a great guy with lots of interest in accomodating both small groups as well as tournaments looking for a new venue. Give them a try!

Friday, June 12, 2009

More Kudos and Boos....

Kudos to Chic-fil-A. Love that place. Good food, good service and they will take any coupon, no matter how old, anytime. They are awesome!

Kudos to Cowan Ace Hardware in Conyers Georgia. Nice people and very helpful. Excellent customer service! Kudos!

Kudos to The Oaks golf course in Covington, Ga. Great golf course, friendly people and they go above and beyond to make sure you enjoy your visit.

Booooooo - Nah...I'm in such a good mood I can't think of anyone to "boo" tonight. Surely tomorrow brings a new day of resentments that need harboring. ha

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Solar Velocity is still in action!

Solar Velocity (the company I do sales for in Atlanta) is still clicking with another year of being named to the Atlanta Business Chronicle's Top 25 Largest Marketing Services Agencies. Congratulations to Solar Velocity.

At Solar Velocity, our first priority is to understand your company’s unique attributes and goals. Our identity analysis processes were honed and sharpened over the course of 10 years and 700 solutions-oriented for our clients. Though a series of strategy meetings, we learn your brand inside and out, ascertain your specific objectives for the website, and design a personalized marketing strategy that combines innovative creative materials and smart technology.

While we get to know your company, we also take steps to ensure that our own work is transparent. From the Design Team’s first design concepts of your homepage to our analysts’ ongoing examination of the traffic to your website, we take the time to explain the entire process and to help you understand both the creative and technical aspects of what we do. Our commitment to mutual learning and total collaboration are what set us apart from our competitors. When we begin designing your website, we are truly operating as an extension of your company and its vision.