Wednesday, April 15, 2009

20,000 people show up for Georgia TEA Party

Not bad. I'm watching the TEA Party in Atlanta from the quiet suburbs. Good to see anyone show up to speak their mind. Though I'm on the conservative side of the fence I fought for this country in the Marines Corps and for our right to speak our mind. Good for anyone that takes the time to get out and participate in our great country's right to free speech.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Interactive Marketing Internship Available

If you know of anyone, or if you are, looking for an internship my company has an open slot. We need somebody that wants to learn the business of interactive marketing and web technologies. It is very common for my company,, to hire full-time employees from the intern ranks. Very common.

Send me an email at work if you are interested:

Thanks! Scott

ECommerce Payment Gateways

It looks like (from my recent experience) the defacto-standard in online credit card transaction processing,, has gotten too big for their britches. They used to be the only way to go for web developers like me to connect websites to merchant accounts. Now....their developer support has been outsourced, your request is put in a ticket queue and you're just a number to them.

It's okay, I understand. Companies grow and need to be scalable. But the same personalized service I liked about is now what I like about their competitor. : )

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cigars - April 09

I'm a bit of a cigar enthusiast. I wanted to post a few recent ones I've enjoyed to get your take on them.

Ghurka Titan
Drew Estate - Tabak
Drew Estate - Chateu Real
Any Hoyo de Monterrey
Punch - I like all of them

Shout back on which ones you like.

If you are on LinkedIn, look me up at: I am a member of a few cigar groups with some good lists going of favorites.

Monday, April 6, 2009

April Is Here

April is here. It's my favorite month.

* Spring
* Easter
* Birthdays (my wife's, my grandma's, mine, my niece)
* Fishing season!

I'm hoping that some sunshine and new energy will help rejuvenate our minds, our spirits and ....... dare I hope.....our economy.