Thursday, February 16, 2012

My First Best-Friend

It's my sister, Jamie's, birthday today. I've been doing a lot of reflecting on what she has meant to me over our lives together. We grew up in Arkansas in a loving home where our parents taught us about family unity, kindness and how to have fun. We laughed a lot and spent vacations together, as a family, in a car.....with no iPads or video games. It was just us...fighting and laughing and enjoying each other. Jamie was the one I played games with and made memories with from a very young age.

When the awkward teen years came Jamie was right there for me through all of the moves and new schools. She loved me even when I didn't have a lot of friends and certainly didn't feel like I fit in. I always had a friend in my little sister that showed me love unconditionally. We went to teen clubs in Houston and ran around in my Camaro with Depeche Mode blasting on a crappy cassette player. Many of the best memories I have with my sister are centered around music in some way. We shared a love for the same style of music back in the 80's and still do today. It's something special I love about Jamie.

Now Jamie is a beautiful, wonderful woman and she is still so very special to so many people. She is a super Aunt to her nieces and nephew that love her immensely. She's a wonderful mother to two amazing daughters. She's a terrific sister and a sweet sister-in-law. (Jamie - Tessa and I love you!) Jamie is a loving daughter to our parents who adore her so very much. There is likely not a better daughter that parents could ask for. She is a good employee and neighbor and friend and so much more. Jamie is loved by so many and called "friend" with true affection by some of the nicest people in the world.

But......I get to brag this morning because out of all the titles that Jamie has...sister, mother, daughter, friend, co-worker, aunt.....I have the honor of calling her my first, best-friend. Thank you Jamie for showing me what a best-friend can be and how it feels to be loved by somebody as sweet and loving as you. Happy Birthday "Jamaica".

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