Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Why My Boss Is Better Than Your Boss

I was planning on calling this post, "Why I Have The Best Boss In The World" but thought I would get a little more sassy. Ha

So, two months into a job with a company that I've been wanting to go back to work for for years and I'm really loving my new supervisor. Here's why:

1. I trust her - She does what she says she'll do. She is honest with me and appreciates honesty on my part. Relationships with a supervisor are largely built, or destroyed, based on trust.

2. I appreciate her - She helps me find solutions to problems and she sticks up for me if I need her to. Granted, I've not had to call on her to "fix anything" yet but she's on the ready in case I need her to. In fact, I have said to her, several times, "Nope, I'm not asking you to do anything about xyz, just know what's happening." She's ready to remove obstacles to my success, should I need her to. That...I appreciate.

3. I like her - My boss is nice, pleasant and enjoyable to be around. She is genuinely kind and she is a good person. Yes, she gives me things. She gives all of us in the department "stuff" like rewards and bonuses but that's not the main reason why I like her. Doesn't hurt......HA...but not the main reason.

So, I don't know about your boss. Maybe yours is as good, or better, than mine. Maybe not. Ask yourself, if you are a leader, how you can build trust and appreciation and good working rapport with your team. It's serving my supervisor well!

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