Monday, February 8, 2016

It's okay if you don't like the band Red.

I did some research and looked into the lyrics of the songs from the band Red. You know, the one that people either love or hate. : )  So that it's been said, I love them. But here's what I've found. 

When I look at the lyrics of the songs across the past several years (Until We Have Faces, Release The Panic, of Beauty and Rage, Innocence and Instinct) I found a few common themes. 

1. The general theme of the band's music is dark. It's brooding and not very 'gleeful'. I think this is one reason why a certain demographic group doesn't care for this genre of music. Middle-aged, middle-class parents tend to not be a fan from my limited discussions with other people in my demographic. 

2. The lyrics are typically related to somebody in a low spot in their life that doesn't feel like they fit in or there is hope. The lyrics are also typically from the perspective of God that loves that lost person and wants to save them. 

Here's what I believe. I believe that this band is liked by young people today (much more than adults) because of the plight of a lot of teenagers now. Teenagers have always been confused, concerned and negative. Teenagers TODAY are even more-so dark and brooding and of the mindset that 'nobody understands me' or 'nobody cares for me'. THIS is what Red is trying to reach....or rather who they are trying to reach. The teens that are alone and reaching out to find hope. Red's songs give them an answer and hope. They really do. I've read the lyrics of dozens of songs and listened to 4 complete albums by Red. 

I've come to the conclusion the band isn't bad. It isn't even shallow or meaningless. It's just a band that is trying to reach a different age and personality type and me. : ) I'm glad they're connecting with those kids that I (and maybe you) can't successfully connect with. I can think of a few kids right now that we all know that maybe should be exposed to this band and their message of hope and their lyrics. 

By the way, it's ok, those brooding teenagers probably feel the same way about some of the artists you like as you do about Red. To each his own. Thank God for them all being so varied because we sure are varied in our personalities as well aren't we?

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