Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Barksdale Elementary School

Just a quick post that is likely too long to put into social media outposts. I'll drive traffic here from status updates and Tweets.

I'm going onto the Barksdale Elementary School PTO Board as President this year. (2013 - 2014) I'm also on the committee to implement a STEM program at BES for our school choice initiative. Real quick, what that means, is that we'll be a school where students can apply to attend with advanced cirriculum in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The entire county is migrating to school choice options.

I'm looking for a few things and wanted to start the dialogue with you, my personal and professional network:

1. We want to provide some technology training for the teachers at BES.
2. We'll need to make some device and software purchases.
3. We need partners in the community for fund-raising and in-kind donations.

I need ideas, volunteers and friends that can help me find free/reduced-price technology. Regarding the PTO I will also need partners that want to help our school through things like gift cards, donations, raffle prizes and such in exchange for some marketing exposure through the school to our parents.

Please email me ( if we can talk about our school and how we can work together this year!

Scott Burkey

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  1. I will promote this through my various means as well, Scott.