Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Show Up and Throw Up

I am literally writing this blog post while on a conference call with a bad salesperson. Why do people in my profession do this? They get on a demo, say they're going to "keep it short" and then they talk for waaaay to long about an assortment of features that are of no interest to me. When I do interrupt them to ask a question they don't answer it. They get back to what they want to talk about. Pitiful.

Features don't sell software in B2B. Integration and other concepts are more important. I assume that it has all of the features I need. I want to know about third-party tie-ins and things that would address how this software might be pertinent to my particular business.

Listen, salespeople. Stop rambling on about stuff while the buyer sits in silence for 15, 30, 45 or (God help you) 60 minutes! Your job (our job) in sales is to LISTEN and ask questions and LISTEN. If you're talking...you're not selling. You're alienating your buyer.

Ugh.....she's still talking...... I'm going to take a nap......

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