Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why User Experience Matters

Industry research shows that over 70% of IT-lead software development initiatives fail. Why is that? It's largely because the needs of the business and the needs of technology are taken into consideration without any consideration at all being given to what the user wants.

When IT says, "We can build that!" and the CEO says, "That fits within our business goals." then software is normally done with design being managed by somebody that isn't even the actual target user of the application. Or, what happens it the "HIPPO Effect". This is the Highest Paid Person's Opinion gets taken as law and everyone else (too frightened to question) jumps in alignment for fear of losing their job or creating waves.

Alas....the poor, neglected USER of the application. He might be a consumer on the Internet or he may be a corporate Intranet user. Either way, nobody seems to give a rip about his desires in these types of projects. Yet, that user is the one that will decide whether or not he will delight in using the application thus leading to adoption.

We have a saying at Macquarium: "The value of technology is realized through its adoption and use." User Experience is everything if you actually want your application used. It is everything if you are selling products on your website. User Experience matters most if you are counting on repeat visitors to your website. It is paramount if you are counting on a successful software launch to help fund the next round of development. If I can be of value to you please give me a shout. I'm happy to help.
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